If you like active holidays, our region offers many options of how to spend free time. Choose a trip to „Bojnice“ to see the famous chateau or visit the local zoo. The historical village of „Čičmany“ is one of the marvels of our region, known for its typical architecture. There are 2 spa towns nearby – „Rajecké Teplice“ and „Turčianske Teplice“. You can go to the aquapark, visit the „Harmanec“ cave or go to the „Nitrianske Rudno“ dam. In „Sebedražie“ you can find a golf course (links course), which offers to golf fans a different type of golf play – not the regular play, to which they are used to.

Hiking or mountain biking fans, will find a small paradise in our surroundings. Right next to our hotel you can find many mountain bike or hiking trails, which will lead you to beautiful natural landscapes, with breathtaking views and sceneries. On the other hand, winter season attracts skiers to couple possibilities. Either they can use the slopes of nearby ski resorts („Fačkovské sedlo“, Snowland „Valčianska dolina“, etc.) or try the nordic skiing circuit, which starts right at the doorstep of our hotel and continues to nearby woods.


Village of „Rajecká Lesná“ – 31,5 km from hotel

Not far from „Čičmany“, you can find the village of „Rajecká Lesná“. It became famous for its limewood handmade Bethlehem, which is one of the biggest works of such type in whole Europe. This handmade work, shows the way of life, culture and craftwork of Slovak folks. The scene of birth of baby Jesus, is situated in the middle of Bethlehem, which is incorporated into the village of „Rajecká Lesná“. All around, you can find all Slovak regions, with it`s famous places and monuments, such as castles in “Devín”, “Bratislava”, “Trenčín”, cathedrals in “Nitra”, “Trnava”, “Spišská kapitula” etc. The background of the whole work is highlighted by the symbol of High Tatras – the peak “Kriváň”.

Town of „Turčianske Teplice“ – 29 km from hotel

SPA&AQUAPARK „Turčianske Teplice“ is located in the heart of Slovakia. The region is called „Horný Turiec“, it`s just couple kilometers from the geographical middle of Europe. The spa resort has 2 parts, the SPA part, has couple pools with healing thermal water and temperature around 38°C. The second AQUAPARK part, has thermal water with temperature of 33°C. Water slides, swimming pool, minigolf course, bar on an artificial island are just couple things that are waiting for you and your family. SPA&AQUAPARK is a perfect place for active relaxing or resting during summer and winter. 


Village of „Čičmany“ – 30 km from hotel

There is a picturesque hiking trail going from our hotel to „Čičmany“. The village is located near the spring of a creek called “Rajčianka” and is famous for its typical Slovak architecture. This traditional village is well-known for its national costume and typical geometrical needlework too. In the painted timber chalets, you can find historical expositions of local life and work.

Town of „Bojnice“ – 21 km from hotel

„Bojnice“ are famous not only for their zoo (biggest in Slovakia), but for their beautiful chateau of count Pálffy and the spa resort (known for healing locomotive organs diseases) too.

The biggest highlight of this town is one of the most famous and most photographed monuments in Slovakia – the fabulous chateau of „Bojnice“. The chateau offers day and night visits and plenty of special events during the whole year.

„Aquila“ is the name of the interesting amphitheatre of hawkers. It is very close to the chateau, and it`s purpose is to care, train and show predators. Hawkers have a breath-taking show with interesting information about history as well.
The local zoo is the first and oldest Slovak zoo, located couple minutes by walk from “Bojnice” chateau. More than 260 species from all around the world, have found its home here.


Snowland „Valčianska dolina“ – 45 km from hotel

The ski resort „Snowland Valčianska dolina“ is located at the foothill of the mountain range „Malá Fatra“ in the „Valčianska“ valley. The slope has a convenient northeastern position, which creates great conditions for skiers and snowboarders. The slopes altitude is 510 – 830 m. Their total length is 4,7 km and it offers a variety of difficulties suitable to beginners, intermediate skiers or professionals. Night skiing is available as well. The ski resort operates 5 ski lifts and a tetra ski lift with the total capacity of 5200 persons/hour. Children and first-time skiers can use the mini ski lift. The whole ski resort is surrounded by a 12 km Nordic skiing circuit. The ski resort “Snowland Valčianska dolina” is oriented on family skiing with a high level of optional services, such as ski-service, ski rental service, natural skating ground and ski school. During summer season the ski resort offers to visitors their – inline skating course, 3 tennis courts with artificial grass and lighting during night, playground, golf academy, pétanque playground, paintball and a water dam.

Ski resort „Kľačno“ – 11 km from hotel

This resort offers a classic alternative of ski holiday, without artificial snow. You can use 2 skilifts, by the lenght of 550 m and 300 m, the lenght of the slopes is 1,1 km.

SKI arena „Fačkovské sedlo“ – 9 km from hotel

The ski resort of „Fačkovské sedlo / Kľak“ is a part of the „Malá Fatra“ mountain range. It`s located between the hills of “Strážov” and “Lúčanská Malá Fatra”. The highest peak in this area is “Kľak” with the altitude of 1351 meters. Skiers can use slopes, with different levels of difficulty, from easy to medium or difficult. Night skiing is available as well. All slopes are regularly taking care of and the snow is either artificial or natural. Using the free ride zone area and the ski route are at own risk, and are not treated.

Golf club Scotland Sebedražie – 23 km from hotel

Golf training centre (links course) in „Sebedražie“ offers golf play on green grass. It`s a perfect place to forget about the working day issues and it`s lots of fun too, very similar to Scotland (birthplace of golf) which has many public golf courses open to anyone. This golf course was created by a perfect world-known designer – Tom Mackenzie from Scotland. He is known for his sense of joining modern golf with the spark of raw nature. In the beautiful mountain-country you can find a fully equipped training centre, with the highest quality of greens. You can experience all kinds of golf situations. The options are wide - try the golf school for beginners, 6 hole academy with par 3 (recommended to beginners or intermediate players), classic driving range, chipping and putting green. The High Tatra putting green, with its sharp shapes and it`s area of 1.400 m2 is an unique place, which you cannot find anywhere else in Slovakia. After a day spent in this natural oasis of relax, you might easily fall in love with golf.

Mountain bike trails

Prievidza - Magura – Temeš – total of 38 km, it`s a trail to „Temešské sedlo“, „Temeš“ rock, with views to the mountain range of „Nitrické vrchy“, „Vtáčnik“ and the whole basin of „Rudňany“.  The average time of this route is 4 hours, medium difficulty, we recommend a mountain bike because of the terrain – 80 % off-road, 20 % asphalt.

Prievidza – Vtáčnik – total of 50 km, this trail leads to the majestic and most famous hill in Upper Nitra region – „Vtáčnik“ (1 346m). The average time of this route is 4 hours, medium difficulty, we recommend a mountain bike because of the terrain - 85% offroad, 15% asphalt.

Prievidza - Lazany - Poruba – Magura – total of 31,5 km, this classic mountain bike trail leads to the hill of „Magura“ (1 141m)  - highest peak in the mountain range of „Strážovské vrchy“. The average time of this route is 3 hours, medium difficulty, we recommend a mountain bike because of the terrain -70% offroad, 30% asphalt.

Water-world „Sebedražie“ near Prievidza – 23 km from hotel

The water-world „Sebedražie“ is a natural complex of relaxation, it is located between the villages „Sebedražie“ and „Cigeľ“. Families with children, fans of fishing, outdoors, grilled trouts or art, will find a harbour of vacation here.

The complex consists of 9 water basins, 3 of them are fish ponds (carp, trout, crucian and other fish). Visitors are more than welcome to board the pirate ship of Jack Sparrow and take some refreshments in his bar, play mini golf or see original of sculptures and paintings, made by classic Slovak and Czech artists.